Addon for The World of Rudra

I've received a few questions about how to get around The World of Rudra by Bee999 over the months, so I made a small plugin to be used with it. 


What this plugin adds:

New map markers around each continent of Rudra

A new teleportation spell that displays a menu. Click one of the menu options to teleport to the listed location

How to Obtain the Spell:

Open the console. Type "Help Rudra Menu", or something along those lines. Add the spell tome.

Or, use AddItemMenu to find 00WorldOfRudraAddon.esp and add the spell tome. 

Required Mods:

The World of Rudra


Date: 01.22.2016
Category: Skyrim Mods
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If you feel so inclined, I do accept donations. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.
Currently, the money would go towards replacing my GPU and Hard Drive, which have been showing the telltale signs of dying as of late.
I will never put my mod content behind a payment threshold, and will release mods regardless of whether or not I receive donations. I will NEVER accept money in exchange for my mods. Do not try to send me money with mod requests.
Thank you. 
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