Addon for The World of Rudra

I've received a few questions about how to get around The World of Rudra by Bee999 over the months, so I made a small plugin to be used with it. 


What this plugin adds:

New map markers around each continent of Rudra

A new teleportation spell that displays a menu. Click one of the menu options to teleport to the listed location

How to Obtain the Spell:

Open the console. Type "Help Rudra Menu", or something along those lines. Add the spell tome.

Or, use AddItemMenu to find 00WorldOfRudraAddon.esp and add the spell tome. 

Required Mods:

The World of Rudra


Date: 01.22.2016
Category: Skyrim Mods
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Facial Expressions Project 4.0

F.E.P (Facial Expressions Project) 4.0


What is this?
This mod allows you to select facial expressions though an easy-to-use menu and apply them to your character and NPCs.

This project was made for gathering Mfg facial expression presets from all over to be used in a single mod for screenshot taking.

How is it used?

After installation, an item named "zz Expression Ring" will be added to your inventory when the game starts. When you equip this ring, it brings up a menu with several options that are explained in-game.

In addition to that, two new spells will be added to your spells list; "zz Npc Expressions (S)" and "zz Npc Expressions (P)". These spells allow you to manipulate the expressions any humanoid NPC.

100+ Different categorized facial presets
Most of the presets in this mod are suited for female characters. You can use them with males, but you may experience clipping.

Expression Stacking:
This feature allows you to mix and match multiple MFG presets to produce interesting results. Hold the modifier key (Left Shift by Default) while selecting an expression to mix it your currently-applied expression(s). The modifier key can be changed in the FEP MCM menu.

Modular expression strength:
Choose how strong or weak you want presets to show

Use your favorite mod manager to install, or drop the contents of this mod's archive into your data folder.

If for some reason you decide that you don't want to use this mod anymore, make sure you use the reset face option on yourself and any NPC's affected by this mod, click "uninstall" in the FEP MCM menu, save your game, then remove this mod.

Clear your facial expressions and those of any npcs affected by this mod.
Close game.
Remove old version of FEP.
Start game. Save. Close game.
Install new version.
Mfg Console
UIExtensions (Or EFF 4.0+)
SKSE 1.7.1+
Kapaer: MFG Console
Expired: UIExtensions

For their presets:
Date: 01.03.2016
Category: Skyrim Mods
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If you feel so inclined, I do accept donations. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.
Currently, the money would go towards replacing my GPU and Hard Drive, which have been showing the telltale signs of dying as of late.
I will never put my mod content behind a payment threshold, and will release mods regardless of whether or not I receive donations. I will NEVER accept money in exchange for my mods. Do not try to send me money with mod requests.
Thank you. 
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