Stages Redux 1.1

What this is:

This is a project that adds new cells specifically for the purpose of taking screenshots in.

How to use:

After installing this mod and loading your game, a spell named Stage Teleport will be added to your usable spells list under the alteration category.
Use this spell to bring up the teleportation menu. The rest is self-explanatory.

List of "Stages":

Deserted Digsite


Pristine Courtyard

Sailors' End

Soulgleamed Plane

Venom Jungle



Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs

UIExtensions (or EFF)


Bug Reports:

I've done all of the testing in the world, but there's still the chance I've missed something. If you see something out of place, like floating trees and objects, please submit a bug report. "Bugs" related to missing required files may be ignored.

Known Issues:

Some terrain edges are very jagged, especially some near water. I ran into a strange CK issue that resets some smoothed terrain edges in some of my worldspaces. Nothing I can do about it as far as I know. Some objects do not have LOD.

Date: 06.25.2016
Category: Skyrim Mods
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Ozu Amulets


These are some Kamen Rider Ozu-Based chokers/amulets I made in 3DS Max. No weight slider. Female only. sorry.
Depending on the angle they're looked at, the amulet and choker's colors may appear to be slightly different from each other.


How to obtain:

Just use AdditemMenu to find _00OzuAmulets.esp and add the items.

Do not upload this file in its entirety anywhere.

Notify me if you want to use assets from my mod.
Other modders are free to pick this apart to make a male version/alt textures.


Toei - Kamen Rider OOO
Alpha-Vector - Kamen Rider OOO Core Medal Vectors
TheFigment - 3ds Max 2016 Nif Plugin
SydneyB - Ground Box Model

Tools Used:
3ds Max 2016
Photoshop CS6
Date: 06.10.2016
Category: Skyrim Mods
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Mod Release: MioFollowers 1.0

These are followers based on my main character, Miora. 

Miora - Offensive Mage

Miora Sagewind - Defensive Mage. Heals you if your health is below 40%

Penny - Melee & hand-to-hand combat. Remove her ring to reveal her true form. Give it back to turn her back to normal. She also has the Teleport Miofollowers spell tome, which does exactly what the name implies.

These followers are provided as-is. Meaning there won't be a [insert body type here] version, or some special modification from me to suit your demands. I miiiiiggghht make a performance version, because some of the textures are huge.

Solitude Temple of The Divines. "coc solitudetempleofthedivines"

Dawnguard DLC
Dragonborn DLC

Credits and Permissions:
All credits lists are inside of the archive. Special thanks to Halofarm for the poses.

Do not reupload/mirror this mod anywhere.

Date: 05.11.2016
Category: Skyrim Mods
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Mod Release: Lorebane Manor 3.5

Aether Suite 3.1 or above
Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC

Date: 03.28.2016
Category: Skyrim Mods
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Addon for The World of Rudra

I've received a few questions about how to get around The World of Rudra by Bee999 over the months, so I made a small plugin to be used with it. 


What this plugin adds:

New map markers around each continent of Rudra

A new teleportation spell that displays a menu. Click one of the menu options to teleport to the listed location

How to Obtain the Spell:

Open the console. Type "Help Rudra Menu", or something along those lines. Add the spell tome.

Or, use AddItemMenu to find 00WorldOfRudraAddon.esp and add the spell tome. 

Required Mods:

The World of Rudra


Date: 01.22.2016
Category: Skyrim Mods
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If you feel so inclined, I do accept donations. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.
Currently, the money would go towards replacing my GPU and Hard Drive, which have been showing the telltale signs of dying as of late.
I will never put my mod content behind a payment threshold, and will release mods regardless of whether or not I receive donations. I will NEVER accept money in exchange for my mods. Do not try to send me money with mod requests.
Thank you. 
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