Notice of hiatus

I'm pretty sure I posted this on Tumblr a while back, but for those who aren't aware, I am on a hiatus until further notice.


One, I don't enjoy Skyrim nor Fallout 4 as games, and haven't for a while.
Bottom line is that the way Bethesda has been designing their games for the past decade or so has ultimately pushed me away from them.

Two, my computer (specifically the harddrive) is broken and I can no longer make mods anyway.

With that being said, I cannot provide mod support. My apologies.

As for what happens to my mods that are already online, here's the deal.
Modders are free to modify, reverse engineer or use parts of my mods in their mods; however, you are not allowed to gain money from my mods in any way shape or form. That includes uploading a version to the nexus and opting it into the Donation Points system. Don't do it.

All I ask in addition to that is that you credit me properly!

I'll try this whole modding thing again once Starfield and TES6 drop, if the games are fun.

Until then, cheers and happy modding!

- Mergy
Date: 03.05.2019
Category: Other
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About me

Hi, I'm MergaSkittle. I make mods and tutorials for Skyrim, and eventually Fallout 4. This blog is where I'll upload many of my past and future mods, along with featuring mods that I like. If you see something here that bothers you, feel free to bugger off.
Date: 03.21.2015
Category: Other


If you feel so inclined, I do accept donations. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.
Currently, the money would go towards replacing my GPU and Hard Drive, which have been showing the telltale signs of dying as of late.
I will never put my mod content behind a payment threshold, and will release mods regardless of whether or not I receive donations. I will NEVER accept money in exchange for my mods. Do not try to send me money with mod requests.
Thank you. 
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